Coming in 2021

Geophonic is a site-responsive performance piece and sound walk, encouraging audiences to listen to the geological processes of the Earth. It will be a piece about the Anthropocene and of remembering that humans are part of nature.

We hear geology all the time, but we might not realise that we are doing so. Geophonic is intended as a promenade,  conceived for urban/city and coastal/rural environments, near to a body of water.

We want people to listen to the processes of the Earth and dynamic erosion of both wind and water on rocks and to notice how it shapes our landscapes even during our short lifetimes – and these CAN be heard in an urban landscape. Audiences will use beautiful custom-made, recycled plastic geophones on carry straps - to listen to different points on a guided ritualistic journey.


Some of the sonic content will be naturally occurring, some will be made by human voice and others with augmented sound. Music is inspired by the new British folk music scene, and the funk music of the 1970s.

We’re interested in the narrative and consciousness of rock, how plastic is deeply connected to geology, paganism and human scale. It is a work hugely bound up in notions of custodianship of the natural world. 

Produced by Activate Performing Arts (Activate), producers of Inside Out Dorset.

GEOPHONIC is funded by Jerwood Arts and Arts Council England with support from the Arts University Bournemouth ERDF innovation programme.