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Character illustrations by Sophie Fretwell



Gobbledegook Theatre are working with English Heritage to bring the stories of York's iconic Clifford's Tower to life. As part of the new exciting re-interpretation of the visitor experience at Clifford’s Tower, we are asking the people of York to give their voices to the fictional characters we have created to tell some of the events associated with one of the city’s most iconic places. 

We are issuing an open call for five local residents with distinctive voices who can passionately and enthrallingly portray a person who once inhabited York and was associated with Clifford’s Tower. You are invited to produce a one minute audition recording, captured via smartphone or computer and submit it to us before 31 January 2021. 

This opportunity is open to all, regardless of age and background. You don’t need to have acting experience or be an actor (although if you are, we're happy to hear from you too and if you are successful you will be paid).

We are looking to portray five different female and male characters of varied age - you can find the link to the characters and the scripts by clicking here.


In order to audition for a chance to bring these characters to life, please send us a one minute audio recording of you performing one of our character scripts.

Please follow instructions below to see the full scripts and read all the information you need in order to submit your recording. 

Clips must be submitted by 31st January 2021



There are three stages to getting your audition audio uploaded for us to review. For the characters and script excerpts go here. We're particularly looking for people who have York accents and sound local to the tower.

The deadline for audition uploads is the 31st of January and we hope to let you know the outcome by the 22nd February. Depending on Lockdown restrictions we will either record in person (in a portable pop-up studio) or remotely over the internet.

1. Download or select a voice recording app


Both iOS (Apple) and Android phones have voice recording apps as standard when you buy your phone, which you can find under your apps. 

Apple have in-built recorder Voice Memo for phones and iPads.


If you are new to recording on your phone or iPad, the voice memo app is simple and easy to use. It should come with your phone or iPad as standard. 


Check your settings on your phone/iPad. If you have not got Voice Memo then you can upload from the app store.


There is more Apple support here for the Voice Memo app


You can use other voice recording apps, like Garageband or Zoom if you like – but please record your file as an mp3. 

For Android phones, most have an in-built Voice Recorder app. This can also be found in your settings bar or app store, accessed at the bottom of your screen. 


Other Voice Recorder Apps -  Android

If you own a laptop, there are apps you use to record using your computers or a plug in microphone – like you may do on social media apps. 


2. Record your reading to your phone or tablet


For portability, we need you to record your audio in mp3. Large files may not get uploaded or sent due to firewalls or data limits. 


Go to your app and start a new recording. This is usually a large red button – press to start recording, press to pause or stop. 


Get ready to read. You have probably worked out that it might be tricky to read from the screen and record, so here are some tips to help you. 


  • If you have another device, read your text from that and record to your phone.  You can hold your phone in your hand firmly, like a microphone. 


  • If you haven’t got another device and need to read from the screen, then set up your recording first, reading directly to the phone while you record. Remember to stop the recording when you have finished. 


  • Try to find a quiet space – avoid being close to windows or the kitchen if you can. 


  • Sit or stand comfortable and place or hold your phone at about 10-15 cm from your face. Note where the microphone is on your device. On tablets it is often at the top of the screen, phones – at the bottom. 


Record your reading and then listen back on your app to hear it. Make sure your headphone or speaker volume is not set on full – 75% is enough – much louder than that can hurt your ears. You can delete and record as many times as you wish but please only upload 1 file.


3. Upload your recording


Rename your recording with your surname – it helps us decipher the different auditions. 


It is recommended that you upload while connected to wifi to avoid any additional data charges. You can upload directly from the apps recommended for your device. Simply look for the upload symbol. 


On some devices you can also use voice commands – Siri and Alexa to help you do this. 

If you have any problems in using the above form then please simply email your full name, email address, contact number and around 100 words about yourself to


Clips must be submitted by the 31st January 2021

You will hear from us by the 22nd February 

Further final casting auditions will take place w/c 22nd February

Recording to happen at mutually acceptable times during March 2021

If you need any further help or guides, or assistance in recording or require access information we've not thought of, please contact

You can see a description of what to do in this explainer video by clicking the play button.

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