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For b-side multimedia arts festival in 2014, Gobbledegook were commissioned to make the Art Confessional, a portable confession booth which enables people to confess to their deepest darkest art desires to the High Priestess of Art (which may include being nude, covered in paint and rolled on a canvas). What art do you confess to liking? Damien Hirst? Constable? Anish Kapoor? Turner? Yoko Ono? Antony Gormley? Or what about Cath Kidston? The Royal Ballet? Coldplay? Is football art? What art do you love? What do you hate? What is this thing called art anyway? 

Art Confessional is an intimate place to confide about the art which you find most sinful or to divulge those artistic moments which sent you into heavenly rapture. It's a piece of interactive art about art itself. Depending on the confession, it can be playful, profane or even profound. You might even find absolution. As the Confessional is portable, the priestesses found their audience.... 


The 'Pop' Confessional made a welcome return in 2017 for Camp Bestival where audiences confessed their darkest POP music desires.

The Confessional is a one-on-one portable performance which can be performed for multiple hours per day. 

art confessional
art confessiona
Art Confessional
Art Confessional
Art Confessional
Art Con
Art Confessional
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