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Cloudscapes during Covid-19

We're aware that some people might find it safer and more convenient to download the Cloudscapes audio as a podcast. To do so use the player on this page. 

In unprecedented times, with world-changing events crashing into our personal lives, whether there is loneliness, chaos, grief or joy; we all need time to sit and think and contemplate. Clouds are galleries of constant change. They’re totally international: there are clouds wherever you are in the world.

During 2020 and 2021, despite National lockdown and global pandemic, we have collaboratively cloud-gazed with thousands of people across the country - and the world. We managed this in a variety of ways - through podcasting, live streaming and broadcasting, working with Bluedot Festival, The Blue Sky and Beyond Festival, Wye Valley River Festival, All in the Mind and the Festival of Thrift. 

Cloudscapes in physical form was reworked as a socially-distanced piece, and we have been one of the few theatre companies who have been able to take our piece to live audiences. Cloudscapes was the first work programmed by Wiltshire Creative after Lockdown, we performed over three days with The Coronation Hall in Ulverston and presented the piece at Greenwich and Docklands International Festival (GDIF). As Italy emerged from lockdown in the summer months we directed a translated version of Cloudscapes (over zoom) for CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione, an international collaboration with performer Roberta Colacino and Artistic Director Luisa Schiratti.

Cloudscapes at Home was developed during Lockdown in 2020 with support from Pound Arts, 101 Creation Space and Arts Council England.


Directed, written and performed by Lorna Rees

Gallery of Constant Change Illustrations and Cloudscapes collaborator: Heidi Steller

Sound Artist and Audio Producer: Jo Tyler (So Niche) -

ouring and covid-safety co-ordinator: Adam Coshan 

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