A DIY gallery of curious things

All galleries, museums, theatres and festivals have been closed to audiences throughout 2021 in the UK - and we didn't want non-digital culture to disappear entirely from our town.

We noticed lots of people walk down our road during permitted daily exercise and, as we’re in the middle of our street, we thought we’d set up a tiny outdoor temporary gallery. This is a community board where you generate the content. We re-curate it (and have a tidy) every week or so.

TO POST please just use the hand sanitiser provided and simply pin your content up. You don’t need to ask for permission – just go for it!*. We have a new theme every Fortnight, so far we’ve had Love, Pet Week, Springtime, Christchurch, The Weather and Plant life. We’ve had international artists exhibit alongside the brilliant twins over the road. If you have a suggestion for a theme just email gobbledegooktheatre@gmail.com


We periodically post photos of the artwork online @thegobbledegook (twitter) or @gobbledegooktheatre (insta). If you’d like your artwork returned after display, please just write your address on the back. We’re  photographing all of the work for some kind of final exhibition or catalogue at the end of Lockdown. The notice board will close when culture reopens.


We’ve been very excited to see what people put up and things appear most days. We love poems (self written or beloved), messages, pictures, drawings or photographs. You might want to showcase a brilliant leaf or a photo of a hedgehog or a short story about a magical pot-hole. We’d very much like drawings of clouds you’ve seen and we will always help with lost pets. Anyone of any age is welcome to contribute.



*We do respectfully reserve the right to remove things we deem to be unsuitable (as a guide, we’re not tolerant of intolerance).