Gobbledegook make innovative, cross-artform work for unusual places. With theatre at its core, our live performance, music and installation work is frequently inspired by Earth Sciences, and almost always takes place outdoors. 

As theatre artists our guiding principal is to create or facilitate work which 'renders the familiar strange' for audiences – be it on a seafront promenade, in public gardens, festival fields, school corridors or playgrounds. We believe very strongly in play for people of all ages; the link between theatre, playing and making stories is very close indeed. This year, 2020, we were meant to be touring two shows, Ear Trumpet and Cloudscapes, as well as making a new show, Geophonic. However, due to Lockdown, we've been working differently on various Lockdown projects.  

We also believe strongly in the power of Disruption and Joy. 

Gobbledegook Theatre is run by Lorna Rees (Artistic Director) and Adam Coshan (Company Director). 

To find out more about what we're currently up to, visit our project pages or read our blog. 

Gobbledegook Theatre are Associate Artists of The Inside Out Dorset Festival, Without Walls Commissioned Artists for Ear Trumpet and Jerwood Arts Commissioned Artist for Geophonic. Lorna is on the board of Outdoor Arts UK. 

Listening to Geology

PHOTO Rik Irons McLean